Methodology Development Support

Support during the stages of Methodology Development
Regen Registry supports Methodology Developers through the process of methodology development through internal support and facilitated access to our broader community network.
Throughout the process of methodology development, Regen Network’s Discord and Twitter spaces will serve as community conversation spaces. Wondering who else might be exploring similar methods? Have questions about potential use cases? RND Discord is a communication platform where Regen Registry directs broader inquiries and incubates collaborative opportunities. Regen Registry hosts RND’s Twitter space monthly. This radio-style space allows for sharing updates on the latest news in all things Regen Registry; cutting edge methodologies, carbon accounting, nature-based solutions, crypto and more. The RND community of scientists, Earth Stewards, technologists and more engage in these spaces.
Throughout the entire process, the Regen Registry and Science teams are available to support Methodology Developers over calls and email.
Concept Note Phase: If you have an idea for a methodology or a fleshed out methodology concept the first step is to submit a concept note. Within two to three weeks Regen Network Registry Team will respond via email to discuss the potential methodology and approve the Concept Note or decide on next steps. Next steps could include feedback and/or connecting you with others who have developed or are exploring similar methodological approaches.
Methodology Development: Throughout the methodology development process, Regen Registry will provide email and call check-ins. These check-ins occur at the discretion of Regen Registry or as requested by the Methodology Developer to address timeline, feedback and process questions. Regen Registry also works to connect Methodology Developers with targeted people and organizations in our network who can support the development of the methodology through active community networking and co-working spaces.
Internal Review: Once the methodology is submitted and gone through Internal Review, the Regen Registry Methodology Review Lead will meet with the Methodology Developer to discuss if the methodology is suitable to proceed to the Expert Peer Review stage and assess the status of suitable potential reviewers made by the developer.
Expert Peer Review and Public Comment: The Methodology Developer can expect the Methodology Review Lead to communicate with the reviewers and notify the Methodology Developer of when actions/revisions are needed.
Project Development: Once the methodology is accepted into Regen Registry, the Registry team will support Methodology Developers if they wish to proceed with onboarding projects to the Regen Ledger. During the project development phase, developers can expect support from the Regen Registry team in the form of a resource library and 1:1 calls to troubleshoot projects. The resource library will include templates for pro-forma and project plans that can be used to register projects under the methodology. Once the pilot round of projects has been executed, support from Regen Registry comes from RND’s Discord and email.