Project Development Overview

Project Development is the process of putting approved methodologies into practice for an ecological regeneration project.
During the project term, changes in ecological state are monitored to track how successful the project was implemented and calculate the number of credits eligible to be sold in the market.
The process of Project Development is intended (but not limited to) the following scenarios:
  • You are a Methodology Developer wondering what comes after developing a method or once you have selected an already existing methodology to work with
  • You are Project Developer seeking opportunities to develop projects on Regen Registry
  • You are an Earth Steward interested in developing your own Eco-credit project
The indicators and metrics used for a project are stipulated in the approved methodology. The eligibility criteria are stipulated in the Credit Class. Regen Registry outlines the standards for Project Development to which all Credit Classes ascribe in the Lifecycle and Compliance sections of following chapter, Project Development Process. The approved Credit Class will outline the specific compliance, eligibility and life cycles for the project. Regen Registry registers new projects that implement approved methodologies and Credit Classes from Regen Registry’s Methodology Library that were preexisting or have been added to the Library by the methodology developer associated with the project.
Once a methodology and Credit Class fit are made, Project Developers and/or Earth Stewards can register a project and create credits that live on Regen Ledger.
Regen Registry provides support to Project Developers and Earth Stewards throughout the Project Development process. We offer templates, documentation reviews and open source science tools. The Regen Registry and Science Teams also rely on activating Regen Network community members, such as monitoring service providers, to support in the success of projects on the Regen Registry.
The overall Project Development process includes:
  • Implementing your project by
    • Identifying a Methodology and Credit Class
    • Identifying Key Actors
  • Project Registration
  • Project Lifecycle
    • Project Credits
    • Project Compliance