This sections defines users that partner with Regen Registry and common terms used by Regen Registry

User Definitions

Broker - An individual or organization offering brokerage services to credit owners.
Credit Admin - The individual or organization with the authority to update a given Credit Class (i.e. to update the admin, the list of approved issuers, and the metadata). When a Credit Class is created, the admin is initially set to the address that created the Credit Class.
Credit Class Issuers - The individual or organization with the authority to issue Credit Batches under the given Credit Class. The list of Credit Class Issuers is defined at the time the Credit Class is created and only the admin can update the list after the Credit Class is created.
Credit Designer - An individual or organization that is developing a new Credit Class or contributing to an existing one.
Earth Steward - The individual or organization implementing the regenerative practice or Earth management intervention defined in the approved Credit Class & methodology. This can be a farmer, rancher, conservationist, forester, fisherman, etc.
Land Owner - The individual or organization that holds title to the land where the project is occurring. This can be the Earth Steward or a third party that rents the land to the Earth Steward.
Methodology Developer - An individual or organization that is developing a new methodology or contributing to an existing one.
Monitoring Service Provider (MSP) - An individual or organization contracted to provide monitoring services to measure the ecological benefits / indicators defined in a given Credit Class and its approved methodology.
Project Developer - The individual or organization in charge of managing the project and is the main point of contact with Regen Registry. The Project Developer can be the Land Owner, Earth Steward or a third party.
Project Proponent - The Land Owner, Project Developer, or Earth Steward registering a project on Regen Registry, that holds responsibility for managing the project. This is also the individual contractually signing off on the Project Plan. Project Proponents include but are not limited to entities that can demonstrate Project ownership. For the avoidance of doubt where an individual executes this representation in their capacity as an authorized office holder of the organization who is the project proponent, this representation is made by the organization.
Registry User or User - The individual/s or organization/s that have an account in the Regen Registry to hold, sell, transfer or retire the issued Credits.
Verifier - A third party individual or organization approved by the Project Proponent to provide validation and/or verification services for the project that is not the monitor contracted to execute the verification requirements stipulated in a given Credit Class.

Process Definitions

Permanence Reversal Buffer - A dedicated buffer account that is allocated a percentage of credits from each issuance in order to mitigate permanence related reversal risk, i.e. GHG removal reversal that has occurred over the permanence period of the project.
Project Activity - The applied management activity or conservation practice implemented during the project duration to achieve the objectives outlined in the Credit Class.
Project Area - The spatial boundaries of the project which encompasses all land on which the Project Proponent will undertake the project activity.
Project Plan - The document that states details about the Project, including the Project Proponents, Project Area, Project Activities, Credit Class and approved methodology being used. A Project Plan must be filled out in order to register a project on the Regen Registry.
Project Page - The dedicated web page for a given project on the registry. It provides an overview of the project, the activities taking place, timeline, images, maps, documentation, and more. All information on the Project age will be stored on Regen Ledger.
Project Registration Date - The official date when a project commences.
Project Termination - The moment when a project that was registered on Regen Registry is canceled during its project term.
Regen Registry -composed of the Regen Registry, Regen App and Regen Ledger, the support to provide Project Proponents with the ability to register projects, and issue, transfer, hold and retire credits.

Credit Definitions

Credit - Credits are issued in Credit Batches in either a tradable or retired state. The owner of tradable credits can send, retire, or cancel the credits at any time. Tradable credits are only fungible with credits from the same credit batch. Retiring a credit implies the owner of the credit is consuming it as an offset. Retiring a credit is permanent. Canceled credits are credits that have moved to another registry.
Credit Batch - All credits are issued in discrete batches by Credit Issuers. A Credit Batch refers to a batch of credits issued at a single point in time for a given Credit Class and project. Each credit batch has a unique ID (i.e. denomination) that starts with the abbreviation of the credit type followed by the start date, end date, and batch sequence number. Each Credit Batch is associated with an on-chain project, linking information about the on-the-ground project implementing the methodologies defined within the Credit Class. Additional information about a Credit Batch can be attached to the metadata field. When credits are issued, they can be issued in a tradable or retired state. The Credit Batch also tracks the total number of active credits (tradable and retired credits) and the total number of canceled credits.
Credit Broker - An organization or individual who is brokering and completing the documentation and invoicing for a Credit Transaction on behalf of themselves or a Project Proponent.
Credit Brokerage Services - A service provided by the Credit Broker, including the negotiation of contracts for or execution of purchase or sale of credits.
Credit Buyer or Buyer - An organization or individual who is purchasing a credit from the Credit Broker or Project Proponent.
Credit Class - The structure, procedures and requirements for project registration, the quantification, monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV), and issuance of credits related to a certain credit type.
Credit Designer - An individual or organization that is developing a new Credit Class or updating an existing one.
Credit Issuance Date - The date upon which the Credit is issued to the Credit Recipient or Recipients.
Credit Owner - The individual or organization that owns a credit at a single point in time. Credit Price - The agreed upon price for a particular credit quantity and transaction, excluding any applicable taxes.
Credit Recipient - Any person or entity that is entitled to receive the credits as part of a credit issuance.
Crediting Term - The finite length of time for which a Project Plan is effective, and during which a project can generate credits.
Credit Transaction - The formal purchase of Credits by a Credit Buyer from a Credit Broker or Project Proponent.
Credit Vintage - The year or batch in which a credit was issued.

Methodology Definitions

Co-Benefit - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) defines co-benefits of climate change mitigation as the positive benefits related to the reduction of greenhouse gasses. We define it more broadly as a benefit that is achieved along with the main indicator tracked and promoted in a given credit - which need not be a reduction of GHG. For example, a biodiversity credit might mainly promote the protection of a certain species and at the same time offer co-benefits, such as protection of water resources.
Concept Note - Means a submission of a methodology idea.
Methodology - The method by which ecological outcomes are monitored and measured.
Methodology Developer - An individual or organization that is developing a new methodology or updating an existing one.

Monitoring, Reporting, Verification Definitions

Baseline - An estimate of the measurement of a certain benefit / indicator tracked in a given credit had the project not been implemented. A baseline can be static, dynamic, project specific or based on performance standards (or a combination of those).
Baseline Report - The report that summarizes the outcomes of the Baseline.
Monitoring - Measurement of an ecological indicator(s), following the guidelines of a given methodology. Measurements can use various approaches, for instance remote sensing using satellite imagery or estimation using biogeochemical methods.
Monitoring Report - The report that summaries the outcomes of the Monitoring Round.
Monitoring Round - A scheduled time following the methodology guidelines in which a monitor performs the measurement or estimation of an ecological indicator(s).
Monitoring Service Provider- An individual or organization that is contracted to measure the benefits/indicators in a given Credit Class based on the requirements of the approved methodology.
Project Initial Monitoring Date - The date when the baseline measurement was performed. Verification - A systematic, independent, and documented assessment by a qualified and impartial third party to the benefits assertions for a specific reporting period.
Verifier Services Provider - An individual or organization that is contracted to execute the verification requirements in a given Credit Class.


AFOLU - Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use; a category of carbon credit projects that related to agriculture, forestry, and other land uses (e.g. conservation).
GHG - Greenhouse Gasses GIS - Geographic information system is a conceptualized framework that provides the ability to capture and analyze spatial and geographic data.
IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an intergovernmental body of the United Nations that is dedicated to providing the world with objective, scientific information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of the risk of human-induced climate change.
MRV - Monitoring, Reporting and Verification
NbS - Nature-based Solution
RND - Regen Network Development, Inc , the entity developing and operating Regen Registry. Also referred to in this document as Regen Network.
SDG - the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.